Waffle Moulds - Two Way Span

Waffle Moulds are a reusable formwork system for constructing two-way spanning ribbed concrete floors, which can achieve greater spans and use less concrete when compared to traditional flat slabs. Manufactured from Filcor with an external polypropylene skin, each Waffle Mould is made to suit the individual requirements of the project and can be re-used multiple times. When struck, the Waffle Mould, subject to specification, can achieve a good quality finish for exposed applications. 


  • Two way spanning ribbed slabs can achieve longer spans than traditional flat slabs
  • Reduces concrete volumes
  • Potential for reduction in slab thickness and weight
  • Good quality finish achievable for exposed soffits – Subject to specification
  • Lightweight and easy to fix and strike
  • Re-usable
  • Detailed take off service available
  • Fibreglass options are available

For higher specification concrete finishes, a greater number of re-uses or for more complex profiles fibreglass waffle moulds can also be supplied.


Used for the construction of two-way spanning ribbed concrete floors.


Please contact the Cordek Technical Team to discuss specific project requirements.


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