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A Cleaner, safer, and more reliable delivery service

August 2020

A Cleaner, safer, and more reliable delivery service

We are proud to announce that we have a new and improved fleet of vehicles which are now Euro 6 compliant; just one way we are helping to reduce our emission levels, and overall environmental impact as a company. The vehicles are also Silver FORS accredited and adhere to the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) which is set to be introduced in London in 2021.

Other improvements to our delivery service include better communication regarding delivery slots and more reliable ETA’s, helping our customers to better coordinate site schedules. We are really pleased to say that 95% of our deliveries are now made within a two-hour ETA window. This has been achieved using our new routing software which generates target ETA’s and measures our drivers on their success, whilst ensuring that safety is first and foremost throughout of course.

Our new fleet of vehicles has two types of truck; the DAF 7.5t and the MAN 12t. Both models are featured in the accompanying photo, taken outside our new factories. 

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