The Cordek Product Range

The Cordek product range listed by market sector.

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We also offer additional services for design and construction of bespoke formwork, patterns & moulds and non-construction projects.

For an overview of the solutions we offer here at Cordek, you can download our Construction Solutions Brochure here.

Infrastructure Formwork

Bespoke and complex formwork solutions for Infrastructure related applications, including those relating to bridge, drainage, sewer and tunnel construction.

Superstructure Formwork

Bespoke and complex formwork solutions for creating architectural features, finishes and shapes in Superstructure applications, including the construction of arches, columns, staircases and ribbed slab soffits.

Patterns and Moulds for Off-site Manufacturing

Digitally machined patterns and moulds for a wide range of precast products in a variety of materials.

Structural Fill Solutions

Expanded Polystyrene for use as a lightweight alternative to traditional fill materials, for permanent load bearing applications

Void Formers

Used for the formation, shaping and positioning of openings to reduce the weight of concrete structures

Permanent Formwork for Ground Beams & Pile Caps

Economical permanent formwork systems that have replaced traditional formwork materials for the construction of cast in-situ concrete foundations

Temporary Access

Access solutions for construction and refurbishment works

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