Air Bricks and Cavity Vents

Air Bricks combined with adjustable cavity vents are designed to provide a practical method of venting ground gases from beneath a building through the perimeter wall construction. The air bricks can be connected to one of the Cordek venting systems, which when used in conjunction with a suitable membrane, provides an efficient and economical gas protection solution.


Air Bricks

  • Air Bricks provide a high level of ventilation for under floor voids
  • Incorporates a front mounted grill, comprising of evenly spaced voids, designed to resist blockage by debris
  • Air bricks are available in a variety of colours to suit selected external masonry

Cavity Vents

  • Compatible cavity vents available with options to adjust to the required height
  • Additional adaptors available to extend height and length of cavity vents


Used as a method of venting ground gases from beneath a building, through the perimeter wall construction and out to the atmosphere.


For use with either Ventform or Cellvent panels as part of a passive gas venting system.


Data Sheets

Product Issue Date Version Size Download
Air Bricks and Adjustable Cavity Vents Data Sheet 07/2016 4 538.8 KB

MSDS Data Sheets

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Product Issue Date Version Size Download
Construction Solutions 01/2020 2 6.6 MB
VOC & Ground Gas Protection 07/2019 4 4.0 MB

NBS Clauses

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