Radon Sumps

A Radon Sump acts as an extraction point for radon gases beneath buildings within radon affected areas. If a radon sump is positioned within a permeable granular layer beneath a ground floor slab and subsequently connected to an extract fan then the penetration of hazardous radon gas into the building is minimised.


  • Positioning of a Radon Sump(s) beneath a building can reduce the risk posed by radon gas by minimising pressure
  • Robust polypropylene construction for positioning beneath ground slab constructions
  • Can be used in conjunction with Cordek Radon Membrane and associated accessories to provide ‘full’ radon protection
  • Installed during construction for ‘activation’ post construction if required

Cordek also provides a range of additional components including membranes, DPC's and vent outlets which provide a solution to the issues posed by radon gas to new constructions.


For the collection and extraction of radon gas from beneath a building where ‘full’ radon protection is required.


Suitable for use within permeable granular layers beneath concrete floor slabs and connected to pipework which extends to the perimeter of the building footprint.


Data Sheets

Product Issue Date Version Size Download
Radon Sumps Data Sheet 02/2017 3 64.8 KB

Standard Details

Product Issue Date Version Size Download
Radon Sump Typical Suspended Timber Floor Detail 06/2019 1 107.8 KB
Radon Sump Typical Layout Standard Detail 11/2017 1 65.3 KB
Radon Sump Standard Detail 11/2020 3 91.2 KB

MSDS Data Sheets

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Product Issue Date Version Size Download
Construction Solutions 01/2020 2 6.6 MB
VOC & Ground Gas Protection 07/2019 4 4.0 MB

NBS Clauses

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BIM Library

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Radon Sump 216.4 KB 336.0 KB

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