Re-Useable Guide Wall Formwork

Re-usable Guide Wall Formwork is used to accurately form an in-situ concrete guide wall which is critical in the positioning and alignment of piles within contiguous and secant piled walls. Typically the formwork consists of a plywood backing onto which the CNC profiled Filcor (Expanded Polystyrene) cusps are laminated, this then forms the guide wall profile. 


  • Improves the accuracy of pile guide wall construction
  • Can be used with both secant and contiguous pile wall constructions
  • Can be struck and reused multiple times
  • Can accommodate most pile designs, including curved and circular pile walls
  • Quick and easy to install for rapid guide wall construction

To achieve reuse of the formers they are then coated with a polypropylene skin which will assist de-bonding the former from the concrete.


For the formation of guide walls to allow the accurate positioning and alignment of both contiguous and secant piled walls.


Please contact the Cordek Technical Team for assistance with determining the suitability of Re-Usable Guide Wall Formwork in relation to the project they are being considered for.


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Re-Useable Guide Wall Formwork Data Sheet 10/2019 2 320.2 KB

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Expanded Polystyrene MSDS 06/2017 5 137.3 KB


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Construction Solutions 01/2020 2 6.6 MB

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