Ground Heave Solutions

Ground heave is associated with the effects caused by the rehydration of expansive soil types, predominantly clay, and typically when building near trees. Additional causes of ground heave include permafrost and overburden recovery which is associated with deep excavations e.g. basement construction.

Cordek‚Äôs Ground Heave Solutions consist of a comprehensive range of market leading products including Cellcore HX, Cellcore HG, Heaveguard, Cellform HX and Cellvent HX which provide ground heave protection with additional features such as integral insulation, formwork and passive gas venting.

Each product is designed for use in a specific location within the foundation construction, as indicated in the suitability table provided below:


Ground Heave Solution Protection against vertical heave under Floor Slabs Protection against vertical heave under - Pile Caps & Ground Beams Protection against horizontal heave down the sides of foundations Integral Insulation Gas Venting Integral Formwork
Cellcore HX S
Cellcore HX B
Cellcore HX Plus
Cellcore HG
Cellform HX
Cellvent HX

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