Cellcore HG

Cellcore HG is designed for use in ground heave protection applications, where the requirements of the project mean that the standard Cellcore HX product range is not suitable. Usual applications include the use beneath deep (in excess of 1220mm) reinforced concrete slabs, ground beams and pile caps. Further information on Cellcore HG suitability is available here


  • Reduces the upward force transmitted to the structure from ground heave
  • Wide range of profiles and grades to suit most applications
  • Suitable for use beneath deep slabs, ground beams and pile caps up to 1940mm in depth
  • Available in standard or ‘cut to beam width’ panel sizes
  • Integral EPS insulation, permanent formwork for ground beams or voids for gases to vent options by request

The Cellcore HG panels are available in a variety of depths and grades to compliment the standard Cellcore HX range. The product comprises of a cellular construction of Filcor (Expanded Polystyrene) which has been designed and tested to tight tolerances to achieve the specified performance characteristics.


The Cellcore HG range is designed for use beneath deep (in excess of 1220mm) reinforced concrete slabs, ground beams and pile caps for the protection against the upward force associated with the effects of ground heave.


Firstly, the depth of the Cellcore HG panel should be determined by the heave potential of the soil, as detailed in table one below:

Table One:

Results of the Soil Analysis NHBC CategoryPredicted Ground Movement or BRE/NHBC requirement Depth of Cellcore HG required to achieve 'Equivalent Void'
Plasticity IndexShrinkage Category Void Dimension (mm)HG (mm)

* When the analysis exceeds 60 or a deeper void is required, please consult our Technical Team.

Secondly, the grade of the product is determined by the depth of the concrete to be cast on the Cellcore HG, as detailed in table two below:

Table Two:

Grade    Safe Load (kN/m2) Fail Load (kN/m2) Maximum Concrete Depth * (mm)

* Based on the Eurocode and a live load allowance of 1.5kN/m2.

For concrete thicknesses between 0mm and 1220mm please refer to the Cellcore HX data sheets. For concrete thickness above 1940mm, please contact the Cordek Technical Team on 01403 799600.


Data Sheets

Product Issue Date Version Size Download
Cellcore HG Data Sheet 12/2022 4 456.8 KB

MSDS Data Sheets

Product Issue Date Version Size Download
Expanded Polystyrene MSDS 06/2017 5 137.3 KB


Product Issue Date Version Size Download
Construction Solutions 01/2020 2 6.6 MB
Ground Heave Solutions 08/2017 1 1,014.7 KB

Installation Guides

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Cellcore Installation Guide 09/2019 2 798.4 KB

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Case Study

Moorgate Shaft

Cordek were approached to provide a solution for the ground heave protection requirements of the reinforced concrete slab at the base of Moorgate Shaft. We were called upon to ascertain the appropriate protection needed, taking into consideration the weight of reinforced concrete slab and the heave potential of the soil beneath, along with the space and delivery constraints in place on site.

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