Ground Gas Venting Systems

It has become common practice within the construction industry to use a passive ventilation system beneath the footprint of the structure, in addition to an appropriate membrane.

These products are designed to initially dilute the hazardous gases to a safe level and then to disperse them into the atmosphere. This is a safer option than lesser systems that just allow the gases to disperse undiluted.

Cordek offer a unique range of gas ventilation products which have been developed following extensive research andtesting. These include the BBA approved Ventform range, Cellvent, the combined heave protection / passive venting system and radon sumps.

Consult the table below to see which Venting System is right for your project.


Provides Protection Against
Venting System Ground Heave VOC&s / Hydrocarbons Methane Carbon Dioxide Radon
Ventform / Ventform Plus
Geocomposite Vent Mat
Radon Sumps


*Please contact the Cordek Technical Team for further advice regarding the suitability of these venting systems with regards to the venting of VOC’s and hydrocarbons.

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