Arch Formers

When constructing masonry arches, it is common practice to employ the use of temporary falsework until the structure is self-supporting. Arch formers manufactured from lightweight Filcor (Expanded Polystyrene) are an economical method of providing temporary support to curved masonry structures whilst in construction.


  • Lightweight, quick and easy to install / remove / store
  • Individually designed to required arch size, shape and profile
  • Robust construction comprising Filcor with a Correx skin (outer surface)
  • Re-usable where arches of the same size, shape and profile are required

In order to minimise costs, the arch formers can be used in conjunction with traditional falsework e.g. scaffolding to support them at the required height.

Each former is designed to suit the project specific requirements including the size, shape and profile of the arch structure. Once the structure is self-supporting, the lightweight former can be quickly and easily removed for re-use if required.


Arch formers are a lightweight, cost effective method of providing temporary support to masonry arch structures during construction.


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